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Velvet Underground
"Afterhours Tape 14"
Mixed Bag Of Rarities

Disc One
1. No One Is There
2. Frozen Warnings
3. Janitor Of Lunicy
4. Secret Side
5. All Tomorrow's Parties
6. The Joyous Lake
7. Wild One
8. You
9. This Rose
10. The Jeweller
11. Secret Side
12. I'm Sticking With You
13. I'm So Free
14. I Can't Stand It

1-4: Nico, BBC 1971 / 5: Single Mix / 6: Angus McLise with Hetty McLise and others, Aspen Flexi 1969
7-9: Pickwick Recordings with Lou Reed / 10: John Cale with Nico, Marseille 1975 / 11. Nico, BBC TV 1971 / 12: Lou Reed, Paradiso, Boston 1979 / 13-14: Lou Reed Home Demos 1971

Disc Two
1. Walk And Talk It
2. Somebody To Love
3. Lady Godiva's Operation (broken)
4. After Hours
5. Atitudes
6. Looks Like Love
7. Really, Really...
8. I'm Sticking With You
9. She Cracked
10. So Blue
11. Leave Her For Me
12. I've Got A Tiger In My Tank
13. In A Little While
14. Little Sister

1: Lou Reed Home Demos 1971 / 2: By a dutch Velvet Underground / 3: fancreated remix
4: Post-Louband with Moe singing 1971 / 5: Marie et les Garcons, produced by Cale
6-7: Pickwick Recordings with Lou Reed / 8: Moe with Jonathan Richman 1974 / 9: Alexander and Jonathan Richman 1974 / 10-11: The Shades 1958 / 12-13: Pickwick Recordings with Lou Reed
14: From 'Get Crazy' Soundtrack!RigkGLAJ!0LTx2lB1A9GZZ6sztwDY9_44eKEUvM50g8GQ1EwMDXQ

AFTERHOURS TAPE Cover Art!kuIiVKJa!GKpEEo-hlAFL0sgFokZnxg6d3m8-vquH_JHh3iFSOkA

The following comics are taken from
"Lou Reed & the Velvets"

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Statements of Lou Reed about other Stars

I'm Waiting For The Man

Velvet Underground
The Art and Soul of The Velvet Underground
New York Public Library
December 8, 2009
Lou Reed, Maureen Tucker & Doug Yule

"MP3 for Audio & MP4 for Video"

You can download here:

In the historic ferment of Sixties rock, the Velvet Underground were the perfect band in the right city, New York, at a crucial time.
For five years 1965 to 1970 singer-songwriter and guitarist Lou Reed, bassist and viola player John Cale, guitarist Sterling Morrison and drummer Maureen Tucker, with the German vocalist Nico and bassist Doug Yule (who replaced Cale in 1968), broadcast the real life of their home town the sex, drugs and art; the furious street energies, hidden pleasures and desperate romance in an unprecedented pop music of vivid storytelling and transgressive excitement.
On stage and on their four influential studio albums, the Velvets invented the many futures of rock punk, drone, free improvisation, lyric candor in songs and performances that made the group notorious, with the pivotal help of their early manager and mentor, Andy Warhol. Legendary status came later, after the group broke up and Reed and Cale went on to bold prolific solo careers.
Today, the Velvet Underground are the stars they always deserved to be, with a rich and still mysterious story that continues to unfold: in the new visual collection, The Velvet Underground: New York Art, and tonight, in this unprecedented reunion of Reed, Tucker and Yule-the words,music and rhythm of The Velvet Underground.!snpRyZoD!NtqdPvG8VRXePClBObAqCKhvDbP3sS0x9J8XpDPjNXc

Velvet Underground
Paramount Theatre, Springfield
17 April 1970


track 01: Heroin 8.41 (raw file)
track 02: Heroin 8.41 (with high pass filtering + bandpass shaping)

Lou Reed: guitar, vocals
Sterling Morrison: guitar
Doug Yule: guitar (+keyboards?)

The remainder of this show appeared on the "After The White Heat" bootleg 3CD set, and has recently been torrented on Dime by Roofvogel. The bootleg issue omitted "Heroin" (why?), which appears to be the last song of the set. An interesting performance considering Moe wasn't there to drive it along.

This has always been about the worst available 1960s VU live recording in terms of sound quality. It really does sound as if it was recorded by someone sitting in the car park outside the venue. But beggers cant be choosers - we have to be greatful for every available recorded second! The source for the bootleg issue was obviously a much lower generation copy than my cassette, and is almost listenable. I'm not sure if my cassette copy rates even that high....but you need it to get the whole show.

Track 01 is straight off Lurids cassette and normalised using Wavepad

Track 02 is the same file put through a (digital) low pass filter then shaped a bit more using a bandpass before being normalised: All done by Lurid

riginal recording engineer unknown
transfer to wav by lurid_uk

Distribute widely but do not sell!!wi52kZbR!2hG_OE6mkICobjMuGhVcK-M68Q2i3D1hKjg49texD7Q

Velvet Underground
Collectors Dream


1. Afterhours (3:06)
2. Leave Her For Me (2:12)
3. So Blue (2:08)
4. Why Don't You Smile (2:28)
5. Sneaky Pete (2:00)
6. Cycle Annie (2:19)
7. I've Got A Tiger In My Tank (2:09)
8. You're Drinving Me Insane (2:19)
9. Foggy Notion (6:17)
10. Inside Your Heart (2:20)
11. Ferryboat Bill (2:06)
12. Guess I'm Falling In Love (3:27)
13. It's Allright (2:36)
14. One Of These Days (3:57)
15. I'm Not Too Sorry (2:12)
16. Stephanie Says (2:44)
17. I'm Free (1:05)
18. I Found A Reason (4:30)
19. Walk And Talk It (1:53)
20. Head Held High (4:11)
21. I'm Set Free (5:08)
22. Cool It Down (3:48)
23. Who Loves The Sun (2:50)

1 : Carol Lou Trio, early 70s / 2-8 : pre-VU tracks / 9-11, 14, 16 : rough mix demos / 12 : Gymnasium, April 1967 / 13, 15 : Ludlow Street loft demos, early 1967 / 17-20, 22, 23 : Max's Kansas City rehearsals, Summer 1970 / 21 : Max's Kansas City, "July 26, 1970".

DIYE stands for 'Diamond In Your Ears'. This CD was probably mastered from the Everything you've ever heard... 3-LP box set. Tracklist is inaccurate: The Ostrich and I'm Sticking With You are listed but actually not on disc...!kiJ0lIiC!ft8-_CFz6TUjRuLjn0Yv2OqWXcwNnFN2NunOV6rdK14

Velvet Underground
Interview, WBCN
Boston, MA
March 3, 1969

"...I just think it's fantastic that we can play this stuff in public....."


track 01: Velvet Underground interview segment 1 (0.47)
track 02: Velvet Underground interview segment 2 (5.45)
track 03: Velvet Underground interview segment 3 (2.56)

Total time: 9:28

segment 1
The Murder Mystery (studio version)
Afterhours (studio version)
segment 2
What Goes On (studio version)
segment 3
(new single by Wilkinson's Tricycle)

This is a great interview with Lou and Doug (or is it Sterling?), promoting the 3rd Lp in Boston before the upcoming (March 13/14/15) residency at the Tea Party. Lou talks expansively about the new songs to an obviously appreciative DJ, even reciting lines from "The Murder Mystery" and describing how they play it live as part of "Sister Ray". The interview was clearly intended to end after segment 2, but the DJ lets Lou talk on after "What Goes On" is finished.

Distribute widely but do not sell!!EuBF1RoL!KB1uIaw7TWO1xTrgRP-CAUUCmYUXJDcAW7mjybvYs0k

Velvet Underground
The Lost Live Tapes 1969


01. Lou's Talking (1:32)
02. I'm Waiting For The Man (5:51)
03. It's Just Too Much (2:52)
04. I'll Be Your Mirror (2:53)
05. Introduction/Some Kinda Love (5:04)
06. Femme Fatale (2:43)
07. Beginning To See The Light (6:09)
08. I'm Set Free (4:41)
09. Afterhours (2:28)
10. I'm Sticking With You (2:40)
11. One Of These Days (3:25)
12. Ocean (6:01)
13. What Goes On (6:22)
14. Heroin (7:03)
15. Sister Ray (17:30)

1-14 : End Of Cole Ave, October 19, 1969 / 15 : End Of Cole Ave, October 18, 1969.

Those tapes are not so "lost", this is the End Of Cole Ave set, without the "Afterhours" stuff. Pale Blue Eyes is also missing.!1q4mQayY!4yE_761XQclOOvFUcsHHMHF9LdUQ_mOEyBI6pR4OGdY

"Mensch ärgere dich nicht"

The new Game I created
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"The Professor Tapes"
Volume One to six

The Story behind
The Professor kept these tapes to himself, not out of musical greed but rather lack of a forum, until a programming event came up on his university radio station, WHRB-FM at Harvard U., that focused exclusively on the VU for a period of many consecutive hours. (I can't remember exactly when this "orgy" was, nor how long it lasted, but perhaps those details are documented elsewhere.) During this VU orgy, he broadcast all five of the tapes each in its entirety. Within a week all five of them were already circulating on bootlegs (perhaps only cassette, I don't recall) in Europe, and have been in general circulation ever since.
Paul (original name is changed) recently discovered amid his personal possessions is a set of reel tapes, which, with the Professor's cooperation, He had had professionally transferred from his original reels, shortly after their initial broadcast. They also made good-quality cassettes during the same session, and as it was those cassettes that he has used as listening copies ever since, he eventually forgot that he even had the reels. When those tapes reappeared after a recent house move, however, Paul had them professionally baked and digitized.

Paul doesn't want to miss the opportunity to salute the one person who, aside from the band itself, was most responsible for these recordings: the Professor, Robin Hood. Robin was a very sweet guy, and Paul can't imagine he'd be anything but delighted with the dissemination of his tapes to us-all. If he were around to hear it, Paul would be thanking him profusely right now.

We have here a professional 1st gen transfer of the master tape (and the master of "Praise Ye") which is a very nice thing.

So don't SELL anywhere and don't try to make a Bootleg
It's the first and only place where you can get this tapes for free.

So keep them free always!

Enjoy and keep sharing, always in flac without any munipulations.!1zgD0ZTZ!xt1KOZIwSeeMTDn21jr3Zow1xSLvnl14eqdBI1ktUd8

Velvet Underground
"The Professor Tapes"
Volume One

Boston Tea Party, December 12, 1968


01. Heroin (9:11)
02. Move Right In (5:42)
03. Waiting For The Man (7:18)
04. I'm Set Free (5:02)
05. Foggy Notion (8:17)
06. Beginning To See The Light (6:17)
07. Candy Says (4:44)
08. White Light/White Heat (5:18)
09. Jesus (4:50)
10. Sister Ray (26:17)
11. Pale Blue Eyes (6:09)

Velvet Underground
"The Professor Tapes"
Volume Two

Boston Tea Party, January 10, 1969


01. Heroin (8:25)
02. Move Right In (4:46)
03. I'm Set Free (4:37)
04. Run Run Run (7:49)
05. Waiting For The Man (8:56)
06. What Goes On (4:29)
07. I Can't Stand It (6:18)
08. Candy Says (4:46)
09. Beginning To See The Light (5:49)
10. White Light/White Heat (5:42)
11. Pale Blue Eyes (6:27)
12. Sister Ray (21:23)

Velvet Underground
"The Professor Tapes"
Volume Three

Boston Tea Patry, March 13, 1969


01. Heroin (6:24)
02. Candy Says (5:08)
03. Ferryboat Bill (4:40)
04. Waiting For The Man (6:53)
05. I'm Set Free (4:45)
06. What Goes On (7:52)
07. I Can't Stand It (7:39)
08. Beginning To See The Light (6:27)
09. That's The Story Of My Life (2:34)
10. White Light/White Heat (7:25)
11. Jesus (4:39)
12. Sister Ray/Murder Mystery (21:53)