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What I bring you is my whole collection of not released Lou Reed Concerts


This is merely a Blog for audio and video recordings of Velvet Underground (ROIO) which have not been officially released. No audio or video content is hosted here. I only provide meta information files for the ROIOs.

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Every concert contains art-work in PNG 360 lossless. Some are X-Large, others fits exactly in a jewel-case

My most important contacts in the past were
Mike Kostek of VUAS
Louis F. Schürmann
Hias Schaschko
Gordon (lurid)
Michael (mjg196)
Guido Piccinetti from Italy (he died in a car accident in 1994)

This was the last letter I received. From his wife Isabella

Guido was "the" european Fan from the first hour and I'm very proud, that I was albe to get in touch with him. Most of my records and tapes of Lou Reed are from him. I don't know if he was a founder, but he was involved in the famous lable "Aulica Records" which released the fantastic "End Col Ave" of Velvet Underground.

Last Point:

You love Lou Reed and you're a true Rock'N' Roller? So please share your rarities. I know, you don't get money and even no 'Thank you' for what you're sharing. What do you have, when you're the only person who has a tape nobody can hear, only you? Why not sharing with other fans? You will have more satisfy to give than to take.


Velvet Underground

Valleydale Ballroom, Columbus OH
November 4, 1966

1966 LP

01 Melody Laughter
02 The Nothing Song

This is a transfer from the original "1966" bootleg LP, released in 1981


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Velvet Underground

"Jamming At The Dom"

01. Heroin (6:38)
02. Diares, Notes & Sketches #1 (3:49)
03. The Over Day (6:06)
04. The Fire Is A Mirror (4:35)
05. Sweet Sister Ray (28:13)
06. Diares, Notes & Sketches #2 (6:14)

1: MP3-sourced - Live at the Toronto Pop Festival, June 21, 1969 / 2+6: Jamming at the Dome 1966 / 3+4: La Monte Young, Jon Cale, Angus MacLise 1963 / 5: Philadelphia 1970

Velvet Underground

"Afterhours Tape 22"
Velvet Underground 1990

Side A
01. Style It Takes
02. Nobody But You
03. Slip Away
04. Forever Changed
05. Hello It's Me

Side B
01. Heroin
02. Interviews


Velvet Underground

"Afterhours Tape 28"
The Best Of The Post-Lou VU" 

Side A
01. Chapel Of Love
02. Some Kinda Love/Turn On Your Lovelight
03. Sister Ray/Train Round The Bend
04. Rock 'N' Roll
05. Waiting For The Man

Side B
01. White Light/White Heat
02. Caroline Says
03. Sweet Jane
04. Who's That Man
05. Run Run Run
06. What Goes On
07. Sister Ray/Never Going Back To Georgia
08. Oh! Sweet Nothin'

Side A: 1-2: 5.11.1971 London / 3-5: 1971 Wales / Side B: 1-4: 27.4.73 Boston / 5-6: 1971 Wales / 7: 5.11.71 London / 8: Amsterdam 71

Velvet Underground

"Psych Grind"

Insane clip with naked Hippies full on drugs in psychedilc colours
"What Goes On" fits perfect in these hypnotic living pictures

Hippies,beatniks, go go dancers and acidheads let it all hang out in a psychedelic group grope set to the now sounds of the new generation. Mature audiences only!!!!!

“What Goes On” (live) - The Velvet Underground
“Cellophane Woman” - Sopwith Camel
“Help You Ann’ - The Lyres
“Time Machine” - Satori
“Roller Girl” - Anna Karina
“She Has Funny Cars” - The Jefferson Airplane
“I Haven’t Got The Nerve” - The Left Banke
“Sally I Do” - Abdullah’s Regime
“Hold Me Now” - The Rumors
“Mona” - The Pleasures

Break out the Kama Sutra oil, the Nepalese Temple Balls and the Nag Champa incense and get ready to freak out!

Velvet Underground

World Youth Records WY 038, Japan, 2006

Side 1: SOS 0609 A
Side 2: SOS 0609 B

Side 1: 1. Untitled Part 1 (23:42).
Side 2: 2. Untitled Part 2 (24:49).

Source: 1-2: The Velvet Underground And Nico film soundtrack, Factory, New York City NY, 1966.

Notes: 1000 copies only, all individually hand-numbered. World Youth Records, 5-9 Kitangasadori,
Higashi-Ku, Osaka, Japan. 3 inserts: 1 12x12" page of stills from Andy Warhol's movie The
Velvet Underground And Nico (aka A Symphony of Sound; 4 sided purple A4 paper typed article of
The View from the Bandstand by Lou Reed.

Velvet Underground

PRE - Velvet Underground
1962 - 1965

Lou Reed 1962
 All Tomorrow's Dance Parties

Face A
01: your love
02: merry go round
Face B
01: so blue
02: leave her for me

The Roughnecks / The Beachnuts 1964

Face A
01: You're Driving Me Insane
Face B:
01: Cycle Annie

The Primitives 1965

Face A
01: The Ostrich
Face B:
01: Sneaky Pete

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Velvet Underground

The Actates 1969

01. Just Too Much
02. Afterhours
03. One Of These Days
04. Over You / Real Good Time Together
05. What Goes On

Note: Should Be Out Soon, But Exact Date Uncertain.
These Are Acetates, So Handle Carefully.

Velvet Underground

Ride Into The Sun

1. Ride Into The Sun (2:36) / 2. Femme Fatale / 3. European Son.

1 : demo, 1969 / 2,3 : VU covers.

3 inch CDEP , Stampa Alternativa SCONCD.010, Italy, 1991

Free with the italian lyrics book Velvet Underground. Ride Into The Sun is not a 1967 live recording as listed, but a 1969 studio recording - an alternate mix with vocals of the Another View instrumental version. Tracks 2 and 3 are covers - Femme Fatale by The Carnival Of Fools et European Son by Subterranean Dining Rooms. White cardboard sleeve.
Lyrics of every Velvet Song (6 Records)!wuAE3ToS!mwz377McNLolhhoY3K8cR-Nx-c36SyNt3pHaqJ4P-YM

Velvet Underground



1968 Up-Tight
Aardvark Cinematheque, Old Town, Chicago, Illinois

01 What Goes On
02 I'm Gonna Move Right In
03I Can't Stand It
04 Foggy Notion
05 Heroin!d34HSIjK!oIljLM1URiFmZ4wUkb4HBDKwE6TeAPdbdYBX-luqpjk


Freitag, 7. Juli 2017


JUNE 13, 1993


Disc One
01. We're Gonna Have A Real Good Time Together
02. Venus In Furs
03. I Guess I'm Falling In Love
04. After Hours
05. All Tomorrow's Parties
06. Some Kinda Love
07. I'll Be Your Mirror
08. Beginning To See The Light
09. The Gift
10. I Heard Her Call My Name
11. Femme Fatale
12. Hey Mr. Rain

Disc Two
01. Sweet Jane
02. Velvet Nursery Rhyme
03. White Light/White Heat
04. I'm Sticking With You
05. The Black Angel's Death Song
06. Rock 'N' Roll
07. I'm Waiting For The Man
08. Heroin
09. Pale Blue Eyes
10. Coyotes!dr5SxIDL!3v-h5KFoPUMa8iqGmUryVK_mDczodWwgmyYrA-XtWlE


Velvet Underground

"The Inevitable World Of The Velvet Underground"
2 LPs promo, MGM MFRS-3, stereo, USA, 1968

01. The Trip Ad (May 3, 1966)
02. 'White Light/White Heat Radio Ad (January 1966)
The Music Factory (2LP MFRS-3 1968)
03. Tom Wilson Intro
04. Introducing John Cale & Lou Reed
05. Interview Part 1
06. Tom Wilson Talke
07. Tom Wilson Talke
08. Interview Part 2
09. "The Gift" (excerpt)
10. Interview Part 3
11. "White Light/White Heat"
12. Interview Part 4
13. "Lady Godiver's Operation"
14. Nico's Chealsea Girls Radio Ad
15. Interview Part 5
16. "I'll Be Your Mirror"
17. Interview Part 6
18. Tom Wilson Outro
WBCN Radio Interview March 3, 1969
19. Segment I
20. Segment II
21. Segment III
KVAN-FM Radio Interview November 1969
22. Sement I
23. Sement II
24. Rock Stars Radio Program, July 27, 1970
25. WPIX FM Interview, June 3, 1979

VU tracks: The Gift [excerpt], White Light/White Heat, Lady Godiva's Operation, I'll Be Your Mirror

Plain white cardboard jacket with a small promo stamp on the cover and separated cue sheet with tracklist. White label (possibly exists as yellow label, though existence is unconfirmed).

A 2-LP set of interviews and music from Verve/MGM artists produced for underground FM radio stations. It has producer Tom Wilson chatting with John Cale and Lou Reed. There is also an ad for Nico's Chelsea Girl LP.

Part of the Reed/Cale interview by Tom Wilson is available on the unofficial picture disc An Interview With The Velvet Underground. The Australian What Goes On 3-CD set and the Screen Test bootleg LP have also excerpts of the interview.!RjxUEJwT!l_ELtIWYJmGYmObdVca5G4GDV4RqEbusArVkjmrAJgo

Velvet Underground

The Velvet Underground in the Cale Era
MP3, cause the files in flac are too big.

Part I
The Velvet Underground 1958-1965: When The Blood Begins To Flow

Lou Reed’s first release, 1958
01. Leave Her For Me - The Jades
02. So Blue - The Jades

Demo, 1962
03. Strip Tease – Nico

Unreleased session, 1962
04. Your Love - Lewis Reed
05. Merry Go Round - Lewis Reed

La Monte Young's Theatre Of Eternal Music (featuring Cale), Improvisation, April 2-3, 1964
06. Day Of The Holy Mountain (2 IV 64 - 01) - The Dream Syndicate
07. Day Of The Holy Mountain (2 IV 64 - 02) - The Dream Syndicate
08. Day Of The Holy Mountain (2 IV 64 - 03) - The Dream Syndicate
09. Day Of The Holy Mountain (2 IV 64 - 04) - The Dream Syndicate

La Monte Young's Theatre Of Eternal Music (featuring Cale), Improvisation, 1964
10. Pre-Tortoise Dream Music - The Dream Syndicate
11. The Tortoise, His Dreams And Journeys - The Dream Syndicate

Pickwick Records release, 1964 (cowritten by Reed)
12. Ya Running, But I'll Getcha - The J Brothers

Pickwick Records release, Dec. ’64 (Cowritten and sung by Reed)
13. The Ostrich - The Primatives
14. Sneaky Pete - The Primatives

Home recording, March 2, 1964 or 1965
15. Hot Scoria - John Cale

Pickwick Records release, 1965 (cowritten by Reed and Cale)
16. Why Don't You Smile - The All Night Workers

Pickwick Records releases, 1965 (cowritten by Reed)
17. I've Got A Tiger In My Tank - The Intimates
18. This Rose - Terry Phillips
19. Flowers For The Lady - Terry Phillips
20. Wild One - Ronnie Dove
21. Don't Turn My World Upside Down - The J Brothers
22. Soul City - The Hi-Lifes
23. Teardrop In The Sand - The Hollywoods
24. Wonderful World Of Love - The Liberty Men
25. You're Driving Me Insane - The Roughnecks
26. First Impression - The Hi-Lifes
27. I'm Gonna Fight - The Hi-Lifes
28. I've Got A Tiger In My Tank - The Beachnuts
29. Cycle Annie - The Beachnuts
30. Johnny Won't Surf No More - Jeannie Larimore
31. It's Hard For A Girl In A World Full Of Men - Connie Carson
32. Tell Mama Not To Cry - Robertha Williams
33. Maybe Tomorrow - Robertha Williams (AKA Ronnie Dickerson)
34. Love Can Make You Cry - Ronnie Dickerson

La Monte Young's Theatre Of Eternal Music (featuring Cale), Improvisation, April 25, 1965
35. Day Of Niagara (1965) - The Dream Syndicate

Demo session, July 1965
36. Venus In Furs - The Velvet Underground
37. Prominent Men - The Velvet Underground
38. Heroin - The Velvet Underground
39. I'm Waiting For The Man - The Velvet Underground
40. Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams - The Velvet Underground
41. All Tomorrow's Parties - The Velvet Underground

Immediate Records release, August 1965
42. I'm Not Saying - Nico
43. The Last Mile – Nico

Home recording, August 1965
44. Summer Heat - John Cale

Home recording, early to mid sixties
45. (untitled) for piano - John Cale

Home recording, mid sixties
46. Stainless Steel Gamelan - John Cale & Sterling Morrison

1. Aside from the writing credits, Reed may well have contributed guitar and backing vocals to some of the Pickwick recordings. He certainly plays on “The Ostrich” and “Sneaky Pete.”

2. Track 33 was attributed to "Ronnie Dickerson" on some of Pickwick's releases. Same recording, different artist credit.

3. Jimmy Page plays the acoustic 12 string on tracks 42 & 43.

4. The Theatre Of Eternal Music (AKA The Dream Syndicate) during Cale's '64-65 tenure mainly comprised himself, La Monte Young, Marian Zazeela, Tony Conrad, and Angus MacLise. Widely hailed as founders and guiding lights of musical minimalsim, recordings of their early work are notoriously scarce. While the goal was to make this collection as complete and comprehensive as possible, there are some bootlegged Dream Syndicate/Theatre Of Eternal Music pieces purporting to feature Cale which I’ve opted not to include. The chief reason being my inability to reliably authenticate and date them. Hopefully, the recordings provided offer a fair enough account of his musical explorations with the group.

Part II
The Velvet Underground 1966: Sick And Dirty

Rehearsal at the Factory, NYC, Jan. 3, 1966
01. Walk Alone - The Velvet Underground
02. Venus In Furs / Crackin' Up - The Velvet Underground
03. Rhythm And Blues Instrumental - The Velvet Underground
04. Miss Joanie Lee - The Velvet Underground
05. Boom Boom Boom Boom - The Velvet Underground
06. Rockabilly Instrumental - The Velvet Underground
07. Blues Instrumental - The Velvet Underground
08. Heroin - The Velvet Underground
09. There She Goes Again - The Velvet Underground
10. Green Onions - The Velvet Underground
11. There She Goes Again - The Velvet Underground

Interview at the Factory, NYC, January 1966
12. Andy Warhol Presents - Andy Warhol

Rehearsal at the Factory, NYC, January 1966
13. Venus In Furs / Heroin - The Velvet Underground

Live at the Filmmaker’s Cinemateque, NYC, Feb. 6, 1966
14. Heroin - The Velvet Underground
15. I'll Keep It With Mine - The Velvet Underground
16. European Son / Suzie Q - The Velvet Underground

Film soundtrack, Feb. 1966
17. Music From “Hedy The Shoplifter” - Lou Reed and John Cale

Rehearsal at the Factory, NYC, March 7, 1966
18. Get It On Time - The Velvet Underground
19. I'll Be Your Mirror - The Velvet Underground

Live at The Open Stage (The Dom), NYC, April 1966
20. I'll Be Your Mirror - The Velvet Underground
21. Improvisation (AKA “Chic Mystique”) - The Velvet Underground

----- The Norman Dolph acetate, April 25, 1966
22. European Son - The Velvet Underground
23. The Black Angel's Death Song - The Velvet Underground
24. All Tomorrow's Parties - The Velvet Underground
25. I'll Be Your Mirror - The Velvet Underground
26. Heroin - The Velvet Underground
27. Femme Fatale - The Velvet Underground
28. Venus In Furs - The Velvet Underground
29. I'm Waiting For The Man - The Velvet Underground
30. Run Run Run - The Velvet Underground
-----Alternate versions
31. All Tomorrow's Parties [Single-tracked vocal] - The Velvet Underground
32. I'm Waiting For The Man [Extended ending] - The Velvet Underground

Promoting an engagement at The Trip, Los Angeles CA, May 3-5, 1966
33. Exploding Plastic Inevitable Radio Spot – Unknown

Live at Poor Richard’s, Chicago IL, June 23, 1966
34. Heroin - The Velvet Underground
35. Venus In Furs - The Velvet Underground

First single, July 1966
36. All Tomorrow's Parties - The Velvet Underground
37. I'll Be Your Mirror - The Velvet Underground

East Village Other LP, August 6, 1966
38. Noise - The Velvet Underground

Film Soundtrack, Summer 1966
39. Music From “The Chelsea Girls” - The Velvet Underground

Rehearsal at the Factory, Summer/Fall, 1966
40. Improvisation (AKA “A Symphony Of Sound”) - The Velvet Underground

Live at the Valleydale Ballroom, Colombus OH, Nov. 4, 1966
41. Melody Laughter - The Velvet Underground
42. Femme Fatale - The Velvet Underground
43. Venus In Furs - The Velvet Underground
44. The Black Angel's Death Song - The Velvet Underground
45. Lou Says - The Velvet Underground
46. All Tomorrow's Parties - The Velvet Underground
47. I'm Waiting For The Man - The Velvet Underground
48. Heroin - The Velvet Underground
49. Run Run Run - The Velvet Underground
50. The Nothing Song - The Velvet Underground

Flexidisc, Aspen Magazine, December 1966
51. Loop - The Velvet Underground

Second single, December 1966
52. Sunday Morning - The Velvet Underground
53. Femme Fatale - The Velvet Underground

Home recording, ca. 1966-67
54. Big Apple Express - John Cale

The rehearsal presented on tracks 1-11 document the first musical collaboration between The Velvets and Nico.

Tracks 12 & 13 are from the public television program, “USA Artists: Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein” broadcast on WNET-TV, NYC, Feb. 7, 1966. (Check out YouTube clip below.)

The unique lineup of Cale, Morrison, Tucker (on bass) and Angus MacLise (percussion) is featured on Tracks 34 & 35. Reed was in the hospital with hepatitis while Nico was temporarily out of the country.

Part III
The Velvet Underground 1967: That Much Bolder Now

Demos late 1966 early 1967
01. There Is No Reason
02. Sheltered Life (Take 1)
03. Sheltered Life (Take 2)
04. It's All Right (The Way That You Live)
05. I'm Not Too Sorry (Now That You've Gone)
06. Here She Comes Now (Take 1)
07. Here She Comes Now (Take 2)
08. Untitled (AKA Index)

First Album "The Velvet Underground & Nico", March 1967 - UK Mono Vinyl Rip
09. Sunday Morning
10. I'm Waiting For The Man
11. Femme Fatale
12. Venus In Furs
13. Run Run Run
14. All Tomorrow's Parties
15. Heroin
16. There She Goes Again
17. I'll Be Your Mirror
18. The Black Angel's Death Song
19. European Son

First Album "The Velvet Underground & Nico", March 1967 - MFSL Stereo
20. Sunday Morning
21. I'm Waiting For The Man
22. Femme Fatale
23 Venus In Furs
24. Run Run Run
25. All Tomorrow's Parties
26. Heroin
27. There She Goes Again
28. I'll Be Your Mirror
29. The Black Angel's Death Song
30. European Son

Live At The Gymnasium, New York City, New York, April 1967
31. Guess I'm Falling In Love
32. I'm Not A Young Man Anymore
33. Guess I'm Falling In Love
34. I'm Waiting For The Man
35. Run Run Run
36. Sister Ray
37. Booker T.

Home Recordings, May 1967
38. At About This Time Mozart Was Dead & Joseph Conrad Was Sailing The Seven Seas
     Learning English (John Cale & Sterling Morrison)
39. Terry's Cha-Cha (Cale, McLise, Jennings)

Live At The Glass House, New Canaan CT, July 1967
40. I'm Waiting For The Man/Venus In Furs

Second Album Sessions, September 1967
41. John Cale Reads The Gift
42. Booker T.
43. Lady Godiva's Operation (Swan Mix)
44. Sister Ray (Swan Mix)

Home Recording, October 28, 1967
45. Sun Blindness Music (John Cale)

VU Collaborations on Nico's "Chelsea Girl" LP, released October 1967
46. Little Sister (Nico)
47. Winter Song (Nico)
48. It Was A Pleasure Then (Nico)
49. Chelsea Girl (Nico)
50. Wrap You're Troubles In Dreams (Nico)

Third Single, Nobvember 1967
51. White Light/White Heat
52. Here She Comes Now

Recording Sessions, December 5, 1967
53. Guess I'm Falling In Love (backing track)

Home Recordings, late 1967 early 1968
54. Ex/Cathedra (John Cale)
55. The Second Fortress (John Cale)
56. Carousel (John Cale)

Interview with John Cale, Monday, June 7, 2010
57. Luscombes Choice - Part 1
58. Luscombes Choice - Part 2

Part IV
Velvet Underground 1968: Follow Me Down

Second Album "White Light/White Heat", January 30, 1968 - UK Mono Vinyl Rip
01. White Light/White Heat
02. The Gift
03. Lady Godiva's Operation
04. Here She Comes Now
05. I Heard Her Call My Name
06. Sister Ray

Second Album "White Light/White Heat", January 30, 1968 - MFSL Stereo
07. White Light/White Heat
08. The Gift
09. Lady Godiva's Operation
10. Here She Comes Now
11. I Heard Her Call My Name
12. Sister Ray

Promoting The Second Album, early 1968
13. White Light/White Heat Radio Ad (Unknown)

Interview Experts From The MGM Promo Album, "The Music Factory, January 1968
14. From The Music Factory (Tom Wilson & Lou Reed)
15. More From The Music Factory (Tom Wilson & John Cale)

Home Recording, February 8, 1968
16. A Midnight Rain Of Green Wrens At The World's Tallest Building (Cale & Conrad)

Recording Session, February 13, 1968
17. Stephanie Says (1968 mix)
18. Stephanie Says (1984 mix)

Recording Session, February 14, 1968
19. Temptation Inside Your Heart (1968 mix)
20. Temptation Inside Your Heart (1984 mix)

Live At La Cave, Cleveland, Ohio, April 28, 1968
21. Sweet Sister Ray

Recording Session, May 29, 1968
22. Hey Mr. Rain (Version 1)
23. Hey Mr. Rain (Version 2)

Home Recording, 1968
24. After The Locust (Cale & Conrad)!cvBGiYhb!KfneOOsqJJx_cG-k_kOyhl_gdZOb7kzletrh0CMzu7M

Velvet Underground

'Take A Trip'


Disc One
1. We're Gonna Have A Real Good Time Together (4'35)
2. Venus In Furs (5'58)
3. Guess I'm Falling In Love (4'08)
4. Afterhours (2'51)
5. All Tomorrow's Parties (7'01)
6. Some Kinda Love (6'51)
7. I'll Be You Mirror (3'26)
8. Beginning To See The Light (5'35)
9. The Gift (12'52)
10. I Heard Her Call My Name (4'46)
11. Femme Fatale (3'57)
12. Hey Mr. Rain (7'21)

Disc Two
13. Sweet Jane (5'53)
14. Velvet Nursery Rhyme (1'32)
15. White Light White Heat (3'46)
16. I'm Sticking With You (3'28)
17. Black Angel's Death Song (5'11)
18. Rock And Roll (6'02)
19. I Can't Stand It (5'16)
20. I'm Waiting For The Man (5'24)
21. Heroin (10'15)
22. Coyote (6'08)
23. Pale Blue Eyes (5'44)

1-23: Wembley Arena, London, England, June 6, 1993!0uxUGLQK!AhIhPaOidad10bvFADdEqd__0V-NecUIE07DeClhDy4


Sonntag, 2. Juli 2017

Velvet Underground

'So Happy To Be Back'


1. Afterhours (3'16)
2. All Tomorrow's Parties (7'06)
3. Some Kinda Love (6'53)
4. I'll Be Your Mirror (3'32)
5. Beginning To See The Light (5'05)
6. I Heard Her Call My Name (5'20)
7. Femme Fatale (3'56)
8. Hey Mr. Rain (7'47)
9. Sweet Jane (6'25)
10. White Light/ White Heat (3'56)
11. I'm Sticking With You (3'13)
12. Rock And Roll (6'07)
13. I Can't Stand It (5'34)
14. I'm Waiting For My Man (4'39)

1-14: The Forum, London, England, June 5, 1993!RmBBGLbQ!kinEEttqr5qPA7npQ5koygaoAVU9gzuICohGrxz97vY