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Lou Reed, John Cale, Nico
"The Bataclan Movie 1972"

The legendary show recorded at the Bataclan Club in Paris, on January 29th, 1972
Lou Reed is accompanied by John Cale & Nico, on stage for the first time since the break up of the Velvet Underground.
Broadcast on June 10, 1972, Pop 2, Antenne 2, France.
The show is presented by Patrice Blanc Francard and includes reports about Robert Wyatt's Matching Mole,Lewis Caroll and 23 minutes devoted to the Reed, Cale & Nico concert at Le Bataclan in Paris, on January 29, 1972.
It offers 5 songs filmed by Claude Ventura (Berlin, I'm Waiting For The Man, Heroin, Ghost Story, Femme Fatale) intersected with French journalists discussing.
The Pop 2 show has been re-broadcasted on Canal Jimmy cable TV on October 29, 1999.

Notes: Fairly good video quality, good sound quality. Black & white picture.

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Originally uploaded to PureLiveGigs by Borzage on  6-08-2005
Uploaded to MWPby rossy on July 25, 2006

Since it is an invaluable recording of a unique show, I thought it worth another upload, to give new members the opportunity to add this precious document to their collection.!RuplDBAb!NNvTZ8lzF-Q6KU1y6RK0zFhVwRyLl9SjkB2e7T9ahBE

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