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Moe Tucker On VARULVEN

Great Moments In Flexi-Disc History
By Pete Bilderback

While searching for the Kendra Smith flexi-disc, I came across this one, given away with a different issue of The BOB magazine. I had totally forgotten I had this, but it's a good one.

The A-side "I'll Meet You Halfway" by Redd Kross is an outtake from 1993's Phaseshifter. It sounds to me like the boys were going for a kind of Neil Diamond vibe here (quite sucessfully, I might add). This also appeared on the B-side of "The Lady In The Front Row" 7" single (but not on the 10" EP that I own, go figure).

Side two has a then 48 year-old Moe Tucker performing "Teenager In Love" accompanied by her daughter Kate on violin and sax. Like everything else Moe touches, the results are completely charming.
The other B-side track, "So So Sick" appeared in a slightly different version (titled "So Sick") on Unrest's fantastic 1992 album Perfect Teeth. I believe this version also appeared on a limited edition Teenbeat 7" box set of the album. It's criminal that Perfect Teeth, one of the best albums of the 90s, has fallen out-of-print. It's not even available as a download, although a compilation of some of the better tracks and rarities from the same period, B.P.M. (1991-1994), is available at iTunes. "So So Sick" (possibly the same version as this one) is also available there, presumably sans flexi-disc induced distortion. Once again, I've done my best to clean up the sound without negatively impacting the music, I hope you enjoy the results.

01 Redd Kross - I Meet You Halfway
02 Maureen Tucker - Teenager In Love
03 Unrest - So So Sick
Moe Tucker & Jonathan Richman
04 I'm Sticking with You
Moe Tucker and Jonathan Richman
This guy in Boston called me. Somehow he'd gotten a hold of a tape of Jonathan Richman and I doing I'm Sticking With You (from 1974). We'd known Jonathan since he was 14. He used to come to Velvets shows so we knew him forever. So we just recorded the song and never released it- it was just done for fun. This guy had the tapes and wanted to release it on his own little label.

Moe and JoJo's version of I'm Sticking With You was eventually released in 1980 on Boston's Varulven label. Cute, huh?

Posted by Fire Escape
at 5:48 PM

John said...
I have two beat up old college radio copies of this...there's a really nice insert that came with it too (a repro of a show flyer, recording info). It was recorded with the line-up that would do the non-Lou LP Squeeze, and Willie Alexander (another Boston legend) sings a verse on it. I swear to christ I once saw a 12" version of this as well, but that was almost 20 years ago. Maybe I'm imagining I saw it. OK, after seeing Joe Viglione's Varulen eBay store, it seems it ended up getting fleshed out as a Moe Tucker 12" EP called "Another View".
8:16 PM
John said...
Sorry for the misspelling. That's Varulven...if you're willing to part with $50 USD for one song, you're a better man than I am.
8:24 PM
FireEscape said...
Thanks for the info, John. If I were a richer man, I'd pay $50 for a Jonathan Richman song, but maybe not a Moe Tucker 7" doesn't have that flyer you mention, but I've seen copies of it in the past...
8:39 PM
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