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Velvet Underground


Pre - Re - Coverversions

Velvet Underground
"Episode 17"
Pre - Re - Coverversions

Disc One
01 Lou Reed-John Cale: Waiting For My Man
02 Lou Reed-John Cale: Berlin
03 Lou Reed: Perfect Day
04 Unknown: RunRunRun ?? (Piano-Version)
05 Unknown: Unknown Classical Version
06 Unknown: Unknown Classical Version
07 Nico: The End (Live Version)
08 Unknown: Candy Says (Piano Version)
09 Unknown: Candy Says (Piano Classical Version)
10 Velvet Underground: Candy Says
11 Velvet Underground: I'll Be Your Mirror
12 Nico: Unkonwn Song
13 Nico: Unknown Song (she sings in france)
14 Nico: Unknown Song
15 Unknown: Sunday Morning>Unknown Song>I'm Set Free
16 Unknown: Sweet Jane
17 Unknown: Heroin (Punk-Version with Guitar Sound like Lou)

Disc Two
01 Unknown: Here She Comes (Stoner Rock Version)
02 Why Don't You Smile
03 Sneaky Pete
04 Drivin' Me Insane
05 Cycle Annie
06 I Got A Tiger In My Tank
07 So Blue
08 So In Love
09 Moe Tucker: Unknown Track
10 Moe Tucker: Unknown Track
11 Moe Tucker: Unknown Track

If somebody can help me with the tracks I don't know, I would be very glad
thank you very much!FjoA3TrB!e5Amum2qrw5QB9cjOdEKo1KJnvUvYDKEKPcRd421vgo

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