Sonntag, 21. Februar 2010

Velvet Underground
Paramount Theatre, Springfield
17 April 1970


track 01: Heroin 8.41 (raw file)
track 02: Heroin 8.41 (with high pass filtering + bandpass shaping)

Lou Reed: guitar, vocals
Sterling Morrison: guitar
Doug Yule: guitar (+keyboards?)

The remainder of this show appeared on the "After The White Heat" bootleg 3CD set, and has recently been torrented on Dime by Roofvogel. The bootleg issue omitted "Heroin" (why?), which appears to be the last song of the set. An interesting performance considering Moe wasn't there to drive it along.

This has always been about the worst available 1960s VU live recording in terms of sound quality. It really does sound as if it was recorded by someone sitting in the car park outside the venue. But beggers cant be choosers - we have to be greatful for every available recorded second! The source for the bootleg issue was obviously a much lower generation copy than my cassette, and is almost listenable. I'm not sure if my cassette copy rates even that high....but you need it to get the whole show.

Track 01 is straight off Lurids cassette and normalised using Wavepad

Track 02 is the same file put through a (digital) low pass filter then shaped a bit more using a bandpass before being normalised: All done by Lurid

riginal recording engineer unknown
transfer to wav by lurid_uk

Distribute widely but do not sell!!wi52kZbR!2hG_OE6mkICobjMuGhVcK-M68Q2i3D1hKjg49texD7Q

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