Sonntag, 21. Februar 2010

Velvet Underground
"Afterhours Tape 14"
Mixed Bag Of Rarities

Disc One
1. No One Is There
2. Frozen Warnings
3. Janitor Of Lunicy
4. Secret Side
5. All Tomorrow's Parties
6. The Joyous Lake
7. Wild One
8. You
9. This Rose
10. The Jeweller
11. Secret Side
12. I'm Sticking With You
13. I'm So Free
14. I Can't Stand It

1-4: Nico, BBC 1971 / 5: Single Mix / 6: Angus McLise with Hetty McLise and others, Aspen Flexi 1969
7-9: Pickwick Recordings with Lou Reed / 10: John Cale with Nico, Marseille 1975 / 11. Nico, BBC TV 1971 / 12: Lou Reed, Paradiso, Boston 1979 / 13-14: Lou Reed Home Demos 1971

Disc Two
1. Walk And Talk It
2. Somebody To Love
3. Lady Godiva's Operation (broken)
4. After Hours
5. Atitudes
6. Looks Like Love
7. Really, Really...
8. I'm Sticking With You
9. She Cracked
10. So Blue
11. Leave Her For Me
12. I've Got A Tiger In My Tank
13. In A Little While
14. Little Sister

1: Lou Reed Home Demos 1971 / 2: By a dutch Velvet Underground / 3: fancreated remix
4: Post-Louband with Moe singing 1971 / 5: Marie et les Garcons, produced by Cale
6-7: Pickwick Recordings with Lou Reed / 8: Moe with Jonathan Richman 1974 / 9: Alexander and Jonathan Richman 1974 / 10-11: The Shades 1958 / 12-13: Pickwick Recordings with Lou Reed
14: From 'Get Crazy' Soundtrack!RigkGLAJ!0LTx2lB1A9GZZ6sztwDY9_44eKEUvM50g8GQ1EwMDXQ

AFTERHOURS TAPE Cover Art!kuIiVKJa!GKpEEo-hlAFL0sgFokZnxg6d3m8-vquH_JHh3iFSOkA


  1. thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you
    a thousand times

  2. what happened to the professor tapes anouncement?

  3. What do you mean with anouncement? The tapes are on the blog for download.

  4. hallo cooking
    please let me know if your other blog for lou reed is still active or abandoned (i pray not).
    i sent my comments lately about broken links but
    no one replied...
    eternal thanks

  5. Thank god that i dl'ed the professor tapes while they were available.

    thanks a lot

  6. The other blogs should be active. If links don't work, please let me know. I will RE-UP them. Thanx for keeping this site alive for free.

  7. Hi,

    Just discovered your blog, which looks like a fantastic resource. Very exciting to see all the stuff you're posting here. Thanks for all your time and effort - it is appreciated. And thanks for using lossless formats as they are definitely preferred.

  8. Thanks again for your shares and the amazing work you've done !

    May I draw your attention on :

    Tapes 3, 8, 17, 31 and 32 ?

    Their links don't work anymore...

    Bhowani (A Jazz addict)

  9. I only found about your blog just now. Was shocked yet relieved someone cared about that old sound as much as I do. Much respect & many thanks for the amount of material you've made public.