Sonntag, 21. Februar 2010

What I bring you is my whole collection of not released Lou Reed Concerts


This is merely a Blog for audio and video recordings of Velvet Underground (ROIO) which have not been officially released. No audio or video content is hosted here. I only provide meta information files for the ROIOs.

If you're an artist (or a legal representative of an artist or its estate) and you don't want your ROIOs shared on this Blog for free among your fans, you may opt out any time by sending e-mail to me. I will then put you in our list of not allowed artists, known as the NAB list. This will halt all sharing of your ROIOs using this Blog within minutes. BTW, the ROIOs exist, you can't make them vanish. So, why not let your fans get them for free from one another instead of having to purchase them from commercial bootleggers on auction sites?
If you download a concert
do notsell anywhere
Share it for free and always in flac or other lossless formate

Thank you very much

Every concert contains art-work in PNG 360 lossless. Some are X-Large, others fits exactly in a jewel-case

My most important contacts in the past were
Mike Kostek of VUAS
Louis F. Schürmann
Hias Schaschko
Gordon (lurid)
Michael (mjg196)
Guido Piccinetti from Italy (he died in a car accident in 1994)

This was the last letter I received. From his wife Isabella

Guido was "the" european Fan from the first hour and I'm very proud, that I was albe to get in touch with him. Most of my records and tapes of Lou Reed are from him. I don't know if he was a founder, but he was involved in the famous lable "Aulica Records" which released the fantastic "End Col Ave" of Velvet Underground.

Last Point:

You love Lou Reed and you're a true Rock'N' Roller? So please share your rarities. I know, you don't get money and even no 'Thank you' for what you're sharing. What do you have, when you're the only person who has a tape nobody can hear, only you? Why not sharing with other fans? You will have more satisfy to give than to take.


  1. thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you
    a thousand times

  2. what happened to the professor tapes anouncement?

  3. What do you mean with anouncement? The tapes are on the blog for download.

  4. hallo cooking
    please let me know if your other blog for lou reed is still active or abandoned (i pray not).
    i sent my comments lately about broken links but
    no one replied...
    eternal thanks

  5. Thank god that i dl'ed the professor tapes while they were available.

    thanks a lot

  6. The other blogs should be active. If links don't work, please let me know. I will RE-UP them. Thanx for keeping this site alive for free.

  7. Hi,

    Just discovered your blog, which looks like a fantastic resource. Very exciting to see all the stuff you're posting here. Thanks for all your time and effort - it is appreciated. And thanks for using lossless formats as they are definitely preferred.

  8. Thanks again for your shares and the amazing work you've done !

    May I draw your attention on :

    Tapes 3, 8, 17, 31 and 32 ?

    Their links don't work anymore...

    Bhowani (A Jazz addict)

  9. I only found about your blog just now. Was shocked yet relieved someone cared about that old sound as much as I do. Much respect & many thanks for the amount of material you've made public.