Sonntag, 21. Februar 2010

Velvet Underground
Interview, WBCN
Boston, MA
March 3, 1969

"...I just think it's fantastic that we can play this stuff in public....."


track 01: Velvet Underground interview segment 1 (0.47)
track 02: Velvet Underground interview segment 2 (5.45)
track 03: Velvet Underground interview segment 3 (2.56)

Total time: 9:28

segment 1
The Murder Mystery (studio version)
Afterhours (studio version)
segment 2
What Goes On (studio version)
segment 3
(new single by Wilkinson's Tricycle)

This is a great interview with Lou and Doug (or is it Sterling?), promoting the 3rd Lp in Boston before the upcoming (March 13/14/15) residency at the Tea Party. Lou talks expansively about the new songs to an obviously appreciative DJ, even reciting lines from "The Murder Mystery" and describing how they play it live as part of "Sister Ray". The interview was clearly intended to end after segment 2, but the DJ lets Lou talk on after "What Goes On" is finished.

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