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Velvet Underground
Afterhours Tape 1
3rd LP Alt. Mix, Oddities; Live in Philadelphia 1970


Side A
01. Candy Says (Alt. Mix)
02. What Goes On (Alt. Mix)
03. Some Kinda Love (Alt. Mix)
04. Pale Blue Eyes (Alt. Mix)
05. Jesus (Alt. Mix)
06. Beginning To See The Light (Alt. Mix)
07. I'm Set Free (Alt. Mix)
08. That's The Story Of My Life (Alt. Mix)
09. The Murder Mystery (Alt. Mix)
10. After Hours (Alt. Mix)
11. 3rd Album Promotional Advertisement
12. I'm Set Free
13. After Hours

Side B
01. Sister Ray/Murder Mystery
02. What Goes On
03. Cool It Down
04. Sweet Jane

Side A: 1-10: Alternate Mix of the 3rd Album / 11: Radio Spot / Max's Kansas City, NY, Summer 1970 / Carol Lou Trio
Side B: 1: La Cave, January 28, 1969 / 2-4: 2nd Fret, Philadelphia, mid-May 1970

Note: Side A: 1-10: Different source than on the "Peel Slowly And See Box" and on the "What Goes On Box"!p7Rn1Z4L!VQfE-b2P6xBPPhCRqBLfx_B7dRlYd_bHUaNyVyPf1eA

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