Donnerstag, 13. August 2009

Velvet Underground
"The Professor Tapes"
Volume Six

Praise Ye The Lord


01. Head Held High (3:14)
02. I'm Set Free (4:19)
03. Run Run Run (7:30)
04. Candy Says (3:58)
05. That's The Story Of My Life (2:10)
06. Train Round The Bend / Oh! Sweet Nuthin' (16:27)

1, 6: 2nd Fret, Philadelphia, May 1970 / 2, 3: Boston Tea Party, 10/1/69
4: Boston Tea Party, 12/12/68 / 5: Boston Tea Party, 13/3/69


  1. Thank you very much for sharing these great recordings! This is the most extensive online Velvet Underground collection I have ever seen. :) I also apreciate your La Monte Young tapes as well. Nobody seems to have many recordings by him... Since I am very thankful for your kindness of sharing your music with us, I decided to create a youtube channel which focuses on mainly rare experimental and creative music. I am begining to upload lots of Velvet Underground material so that the large majority of people could finally hear these wonderful recordings without having to worry about using rapidshare or taking up disc space. My youtube channel is called MesothermicTertiary and it is only in the beginning of its age. I am very thankful for your effort. I hope that you will continue to provide us with great tapes in the future. ;)

  2. Hello, I'm not sure how to send you files ? (I may have goofed up at the right of web page) I have a recent Moe Tucker live recording I want to send you plus a couple rare singles too. You can e-mail me back when you have a chance ok... It's the least I can do for the excellent selfless efforts you have taken in putting together this and the Lou Reed Blogs... I sincerely raise my glass to you Sir. !!! Your a true rarity in blog land.
    Cheers !!!

  3. Hallo Chris,

    Deine Sammlung ist sensationell. Auch nach einigen Jahren Jagen auf Schallplattenbörsen, eBay, Trading und Kauf bei Mike Kostek und Louis F. Schürmann hast Du hier Raritäten dabei, die mir noch fehlen, und das Ganze mit Covern. Danke sehr für's Sharen!
    Könnte sein, dass ich das Eine oder Andere im Archiv habe, was hier noch fehlt. Wie läßt sich das hier sharen? Wie ist Deine Idee dazu?
    Was ist mit den Dateien, die das Downloadlimit erreicht haben?
    - Live '68
    - Psychedelic Sounds From The Gymnasium
    - April Sounds
    - Rarities & More Rarities
    - Unripened
    - Norman Dolph Acetate (Clean Up)
    - Upgrade 66-69
    - All Tomorrow's Parties
    - Ostrich/Hilltop
    - Sweet Sister Ray
    - Live At The Boston Tea Party (1968-12-12)
    Magst Du die Dateien wieder aktivieren?
    Gruss, Detlef

  4. Hallo Chirs,
    Danke sehr für den Re-Upload.
    Folgende Links gehen noch nicht:
    - VUBTP121268 (alle 4) The Boston Tea Party
    - VUTomorrowParties-1.rar All Tomorrow's Parties
    Magst Du danach auch noch mal schauen?

  5. This is lovely! High respect from me to You.

  6. Christopher Butcher3. Oktober 2009 um 03:14

    Thank you for all the effort in putting up and maintaining these links.
    I've known about these recordings for over 20 years, but never expected to be able to hear them, and thanks to you I can.
    I am grateful to you.

  7. Do you have copies of Afterhours tapes 23 and 24 (Drella)?

  8. About Afterhours Tapes 23 & 24. I will have a look through my collection and will seed when I find.


  9. Christopher Butcher8. Oktober 2009 um 08:14

    Thank you once again for your kindness as well as your promptness.

  10. Would greatly appreciate a re-posting of these 2 which are currently un-available :

    -Psychedelic Sounds From The Gymnasium
    -Rarities & More Rarities

    Thanks for sharing your amazing collection.

  11. Hi,

    What a terrific site! I'd love to be able to get the Gymnasium show and the cleaned up Dolph acetate, but both have Rapidshare links that no longer work. If you could please upload, it would be wonderful. Thanks again.


  12. Hi,
    Terrific stuff! And kind of you to share it.
    Encountered a few problems with the files - asking for a password?
    Would you be open for some John Cale stuff?

  13. Hallo Chris,

    die Seite ist ohne Übertreibung das Eldorado eines jeden VU Fans. Ich hätte früher nicht zu träumen gewagt je solche Schätze zu hören.
    Tausend Dank für Deine Mühe und die viele Zeit, welche Du zweifellos investierst.


  14. Hallo Chris,

    leider sind die Links zu folgenden Alben nicht mehr bzw. nur noch teilw. verfügbar:

    All Tommorows Parties,
    And So On,
    Black Side Of The Street,
    Boston Tea Party, December 12, 1968,
    Live At The Gymnasium,
    Live In Columbus 1966,
    The Norman Dolph Acetate - Cleaned Up Version,
    Psychedelic Sounds From The Gymnasium,
    Rarities & More Rarities,
    Sweet Sister Ray,
    A Tribute To Andy & Nico,
    The Velvet Underground & Nico UNRIPENED,
    The Wild Side Of The Street

    Tausend Dank im Voraus und liebe Grüße


  15. is this site abandoned? no more news & more and more dead links...

    it's making me sad to see this site go down in such a short time.

  16. All links have to work now. thank you very much for your comments and your help to keep this site alive!

  17. Hi Chris!

    1000000 Thanks for the professor tapes!
    This Blog rules.

    best regards

  18. All links has to work now. Thanx for every help to keep the site for free