Donnerstag, 13. August 2009

The Re-Constructed 'Afterhours Tapes' - Why re-constructed? In the past I had near the whole collection of these tapes, all bought through the VUAS's Mike Costek. In the last 23 years or so it happened a lot in my life and with the tapes. Some got wet, others got lost or demaged. But I always did my own compilations and my own compilation tapes at this time, where nobody had a computer, were more than the origianl tapes. And so I re-constructed some of the Afterhours Tapes as original as it was possible to do. Some of the tapes are original some are from my own compilations I did from the originals.

Velvet Underground
Afterhours Tape 10
The Bootlegs 1966 & Amp; Live 1968

From the original Tape. I think, this is one of the best tape ever made by Mike. It sounds pretty good with a fine bass at the 'Live '68' Bootleg.


Side A
01. Melody Laughter
02. What Goes On
03. Move Right In
04. I Can't Stand It
05. Maureen Tucker Interview about VU and NY

Side B
01. The Nothing Song
02. Foggy Notion
03. Heroin
04. There She Goes Again (unknown band)
05. Femme Fatale (unknown band)

Note: Side A track 5 and Side B tracks 4-5 are not listed on the original coverart of the tape!kjgjkThZ!Ae9szeHk94Ai2MjWW28XcOkufl63LuKK3KVa80XYQhU

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  1. interesting, I bought all of them in 1991 and still have them. Got them at Open Books & Records in Miami Florida

    Tupa© knows