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Velvet Underground

"The Inevitable World Of The Velvet Underground"
2 LPs promo, MGM MFRS-3, stereo, USA, 1968

01. The Trip Ad (May 3, 1966)
02. 'White Light/White Heat Radio Ad (January 1966)
The Music Factory (2LP MFRS-3 1968)
03. Tom Wilson Intro
04. Introducing John Cale & Lou Reed
05. Interview Part 1
06. Tom Wilson Talke
07. Tom Wilson Talke
08. Interview Part 2
09. "The Gift" (excerpt)
10. Interview Part 3
11. "White Light/White Heat"
12. Interview Part 4
13. "Lady Godiver's Operation"
14. Nico's Chealsea Girls Radio Ad
15. Interview Part 5
16. "I'll Be Your Mirror"
17. Interview Part 6
18. Tom Wilson Outro
WBCN Radio Interview March 3, 1969
19. Segment I
20. Segment II
21. Segment III
KVAN-FM Radio Interview November 1969
22. Sement I
23. Sement II
24. Rock Stars Radio Program, July 27, 1970
25. WPIX FM Interview, June 3, 1979

VU tracks: The Gift [excerpt], White Light/White Heat, Lady Godiva's Operation, I'll Be Your Mirror

Plain white cardboard jacket with a small promo stamp on the cover and separated cue sheet with tracklist. White label (possibly exists as yellow label, though existence is unconfirmed).

A 2-LP set of interviews and music from Verve/MGM artists produced for underground FM radio stations. It has producer Tom Wilson chatting with John Cale and Lou Reed. There is also an ad for Nico's Chelsea Girl LP.

Part of the Reed/Cale interview by Tom Wilson is available on the unofficial picture disc An Interview With The Velvet Underground. The Australian What Goes On 3-CD set and the Screen Test bootleg LP have also excerpts of the interview.!RjxUEJwT!l_ELtIWYJmGYmObdVca5G4GDV4RqEbusArVkjmrAJgo

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