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"The Stompin' Blues Tape"

La Monte Young -
The Stompin’ Blues Tape
Kitchen, NYC, New York
January 1993

This one is not from the 2CD official version, it's from an AMPEX tape I got many years ago. it's the complete version without any fading or cut. This outstanding piece of music is more than 2 hours long and an absolute psychedelic journey through what you want.

I know, it has nothing to do with the VU, but try to picture to oneself, that this is not the band of La Monte Young.
John Cale - PIANO
Sterling Morrison - GUITAR
 Moe Tucker - DRUMS
Doug Yule - BASS

1. Dorian Blues In G ( 2:01:26 )

La Monte Young - Keyboards
Jon Catler - Guitar
Brad Catler - Bass
Jonathan Kane - Drums
Bob Bielecki - Engineer
Chris Muth - Mastering!xiwkTQiR!8p2YwPCC2tzWCYSwx_DMgeu660AfrtmJH5XKTCFfjCQ

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