Samstag, 8. Juli 2017

Velvet Underground



1968 Up-Tight
Aardvark Cinematheque, Old Town, Chicago, Illinois

01 What Goes On
02 I'm Gonna Move Right In
03I Can't Stand It
04 Foggy Notion
05 Heroin!d34HSIjK!oIljLM1URiFmZ4wUkb4HBDKwE6TeAPdbdYBX-luqpjk



  1. hallo there
    endless thanks for your three blogs,they re all
    amazing work for funs all around the world.
    only one thing: i never saw a reply comment from you to people s comments...why ??

  2. Sorry, but I never was (be) a big talker. Sometimes I talk in the VU-forum.

  3. ok then
    stop the talkin - do the bloggin !!!!!

    in your case,your great work speaks for you !!!

    respectably yours ever.