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The East Village Other

'Electric Newspaper 1969'


The East Village Other Electric Newspaper.
A mind-bending sonic collage, the 23-minute disc consists of a radio report of
First Daughter Luci Baines Johnson's wedding on August 6, 1966 (coincidentally,
and prophetically, to the staff of the pioneering underground newspaper
the East Village Other -- the 21st anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima)
overlaid with a variety of underground oddities. These include a song fragment
by the Holy Modal Rounders' Steve Weber, a two and a half minute improvisation
by free jazz saxophonist Marion Brown, a song by Tuli Kupferberg of the Fugs,
a ten-minute chant by Allen Ginsberg and Peter Orlovsky, a reading by Ishmael Reed
from his novel {-The Freelance Pallbearers}, a gossip section by Warhol superstars
Gerard Malanga and Ingrid Superstar, and, most famously, an instrumental by
the Velvet Underground aptly titled "Noise." This was the very first Velvets recording
to be released. Obviously, this is much more of a curio than anything anyone will want
to listen to regularly, but, as curios go, it's oddly fascinating. ~ Stewart Mason,
All Music Guide
There are ten overlapping "tracks"

1. Luci's Wedding - Plastic Clock Radio (0:08)
2. If I Had Half a Mind - Steve Weber (0:44)
3. Gossip - Gerard Malanga and Ingrid Superstar (1:44)
4. Noise - The Velvet Underground (1:06)
5. Jazz Improv - Marion Brown (2:35)
6. Mantras - Allan Ginsberg (10:23)
7. Luci's Wedding (cont) - Plastic Clock Radio (0:04)
8. Love and Ashes - Tuli Kupferberg (2:37)
9. The Free Lance Pall Bearers - Ishmael Reed (3:19)
10. Silence - Andy Warhol (0:11)

This original CD is not broken into separate tracks


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