Sonntag, 21. Juni 2009

Velvet Underground

'The Matrix Tapes Sampler'


1. Intro (fade out)
2. Black Angels Death Song (fade out)
3. Venus In Furs #1 (fade out)
4. There She Goes Again (fade out)
5. Ocean (fade out)
6. Waiting For The Man (fade out)
7. I'm Set Free (fade out)
8. Afterhours (fade out)
9. Some Kinda Love (fade out)
10. Venus In Furs #2 (fade out)
11. Sister Ray (fade out)


  1. Rapidshare file is not accessible - it says the download limit has been reached because it the file is not allocated to a premium account.

    Great blog - just discovered it a few minutes ago while looking for the Matrix tapes.

  2. What exactly is this? Do you have some info/dates about these recordings?

  3. INCREDIBLE! upgrades of quine tapes and live 69'
    but all fade out... why? Could we get the entire versions some day? Never I heard the VU like this...