Sonntag, 21. Juni 2009

Velvet Underground

"Retinal Circus" live 1969


1. Heroin
2. New Age
3. White Light White Heat
4. Some Kinda Love
5. What Goes On
6. Over You / Sweet Jane
7. Sweet Bonnie Brown / Foggy Notion / Just Too Much
8. I Can't Stand It
9. The Ocean
10. Rock And Roll

This is what Waldo, the original seeder said:

The Retinal Circus was a venue in Vancouver, B.C. that hosted concerts by the likes of Cream,
The Byrds, et al. The Velvet Underground played there several times and were well liked there.
The last time they played there would have been at the end of their '69 tour.
That said, there is speculation that this recording comes from The Eagle Theater in Seattle.
The Eagle had its own in-house recording system and recorded most shows there for potential
radio broadcasts. The Velvets would have shared the bill with one or two other big acts, and
played for a larger audience than usual. Most of the original Eagle Theater reels were bought
by a collector in the mid 1970's and have only begun to circulate in recent years.
The source for this is a Maxell XL II cassette made from a large 15ips reel. The cassette is
at least 15 years old but has held up pretty well.
It is not known if this show was ever broadcast.


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  1. This is amazing ! all these years and I had no idea that the VU played in Seattle let alone Vancouver B.C. I thought they had only gotten as far as S.F. to find this is wonderful ! I was born and raised in Seattle, I even played once at the auditorium mentioned (the Eagle's ballroom or Hippadrome) We opened for the Dead Kennedys. And the last show ever there was The Damned !!! All the big sixties bands played there, Joplin, Jimi, The Doors etc. Sadly it was engulfed into a convention center in the 90's and is no more =( But at least I stood and played on the very same stage and saw some great shows there !!! Thanks so much for all the effort and time you've spent on this wonderful sight. I greatly appreciate it !!!