Sonntag, 21. Juni 2009

Velvet Underground

'All Tomorrow's Parties'


1. Walk Alone (3:20)
2. Venus In Furs/Crackin' Up (3:16)
3. Rythm & Blues Instrumental (3:12)
4. Run Run Run Intro To Miss Joanie Lee (11:56)
5. Day Tripper Intro To Boom Boom Boom Instrumental (6:22)
6. Rockabilly Instrumental (1:20)
7. Blues Instrumental (5:22)
8. Heroin (6:16)
9. There She Goes Again (3:33)
10. Green Onion (6:00)
11. There She Goes Again (3:21)
12. Heroin (4:12)
13. I'll Keep It With Mine (3:42)
14. European Son/Suzie Q (4:15)
15. Get It On Time (2:20)
16. I'll Be Your Mirror (3:22)

1-11: rehearsals, The Factory, January 3, 1966 / 12-14: Up-tight, The Cinematheque, New York City, February 6, 1966 / 15-16: rehearsals, The Factory, March 7, 1966

 This is the unedited, unfiltered, full-file All Tomorrows Parties bootleg.  Here is the story...

Back in the prehistoric days, before torrents and FTP, was this thing called "trading CD's thru the mail."  One of the guys who I traded with said he had something very special if I'd like to hear it, on the condition that I never trade it until he said it was OK to.  He sent me this!  Someone who had access to the CD recorded it and made a copy for himself and a friend.  That friend made me a copy, which is where these files were extracted from.

Now, I dated this really strange chick for a while after meeting her one night after a gig in Luxembourg.  Many of you know her as Rosie Lee.  She was in a band called the Fluffernutter Devices and was a HUGE fan of the VU.  She asked if she could have a copy of this disc, so I converted it so she could play it on her portable player on her band's van.  It was this lossy copy that made it onto the site a while back and it was from these lossy tracks that Nothing Songs put out one of their bullshite compilations.

(I'd like to point out that quite some time ago, just before I met Rosie actually, the person who provided me this disk stated that it was OK to circulate it.)

So, anyone who purchased the Nothing Songs set containing these tracks is actually listening to MP3's converted to MP4's.  I saw some idiot paid over $100 on ePay for a bootleg of these tracks.  What an idiot!

Anyways, here ya go.  As far as my VU "vaults" are concerned, this is it.  I have nothing else to give the community.  For anyone who is hiding recordings deep in their basement, why not share the wealth?  What good is a recording if you are the only person who can enjoy it?  Why not share it and let hundreds of other people hum along with you?!

by MG196


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  2. Track three "Rhythm & Blues Instrumental" is missing. In its place is 15 seconds of "Rockabilly Instrumental." Recommend downloading "At The Factory - Warhol Tapes" instead.